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Name:Justin Roberts
Birthdate:Mar 8
Location:United States of America

Imagine the hum of the city is something more then just a sound. Imagine that power running through your body all day, everyday. It would get to be just a little too much, wouldn't it? That's what Justin realized when he found out he was a sorcerer. At first it was just a little restlessness at rush hour. Then he noticed the sparks that came from his phone when it put it down. The same old graffiti that he passed every day seemed to have a hidden meaning behind it.

It wasn't long after everything started that he lost himself in his once familiar surroundings. Thankfully he managed to find a teacher just as fast. Now Justin's working on controlling his powers. Which seem to keep growing everyday to him. Who knew what power a city held? Or how easy and dangerous it could be to tap into?

[ooc: Justin's magic is based off of the Matthew Swift series which I obviously don't own. I also don't own the amazing Hunter Parrish. yet, but Justin is my own creation. Mun and muse are over 18.]
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